Fiat G.91 Y


The Fiat G.91 Y “Yankee” was born when the purchasing commission of the Italian Air Force published specific technical requirements for a tactical support aircraft with better performance that the “R and “T” versions and invited Aeritalia to produce it. The G.91 Y, deriving directly from the “T” version frame and equipped with two General Electric J85-GE-13A engines each with 1235 kg thrust (1850 kg with an afterburner), made its first test flight on 27 December 1966. After two prototypes, the production run began with the first 20 on a total of 65 of these aircraft which gradually equipped the 101st Light Tactical Fighter Group at Cervia, later renamed as the 8th Light Tactical Fighter Wing, and the 13th Group of the 32nd Wing at Brindisi.